Ahoy-hoy, and thanks for visiting the blog of Brandon Rotkel. I'm a front-end web developer in Southern California and this is the current iteration of something I've been doing since I was 13 years old, putting my thoughts and interests on the web. In most ways, my website today bears a lot of resemblance to the one I put up on Tripod in the mid-90's, as it serves the dual-purpose of being an archive of my interests in games, graphics and technology, and a playground for testing out fun new toys that make up my main hobby and career.

About Me

I was born in the Philippines, but lived most of my life in California - first the north, and now the south. My grandfather was an early computer engineer, and when I was young, he gave me a DOS-based Packard Bell Turbo XT. At first, I would call him up to get help installing new computer games that he sent me in the mail, but before long, he was calling me for help. My first website was the official site for my middle school, and a couple years later, I was working with a team of teenagers creating the first web site for a county fair in the world and a video game about the fair that year. Since then, I've been passionate about three things: creating web pages, games of both the computerized and cardboard variety, and working with other people who want their work to be fun and reflective of their passions.

About Fine Nothings

First, the name. I blatantly stole borrowed it from an online acquaintance who described himself as a maker of fine nothings, which seems to be a good way to describe the work of web development. The most delicately spun bespoke pieces of engineering, upon which business and communication run, but fundamentally intangible.

Beyond that, though, the site runs on Drupal, the largest open-source project in the world, and my current favorite framework for any web project. The site theme was created by me, using semantically healthy HTML5, CSS with a dose of SASS, caring and responsive media queries by Susy and hosted by the amazing Pantheon.

And as always, my site is always under construction.


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